Refrigerant Charging Unit
975,00 USD + KDV
Satış birimi: adet
Marka: I-cold
ART No: 3114

Main Features:

Microprocessor controlled
Adjustable vacuum duration
Continuous tracking of charged refrigerant
Replace vacuum pump oil warning
Records and monitors charged refrigerant amounts
Automatic leak control
Internal high and low pressure gauges
2x16 character LCD display


Saves time by charging the vehicle directly from the tank. Other machines fill up their own tanks first.The amount of gas charged can be accurately calibrated by means of digital scales. Fine calibration increases cooling capacity.

Device stops automatically upon reaching the predetermined gas amount, thus preventing excess recharge. This way user is not required to observe the operation continuously to manually stop the gas flow.

Technical Features:

Refrigerant Type 
R134a, R1234yf, R22, R404A, R407C

Power Supply 
220 V ± 10% / 50 Hz

2x16 LCD Display

Scale Resolution 
± 5 gr

Vacuum Pump 
3 m³/h (1.8 CFM)

Operating Range 
8° to 49° C

Hose Length 
180 cm

45 cm x 21 cm x 49 cm

14 kg

Main Functions:

-Vacuum Leak Control
-Oil Injection
-Accurate Recharge