First drill machine of our companies founder Eyup YILMAZ


Known as Yılmaz Soğutma since 1950,

The slogan denominated by us to our company was started with my deceased grandfather, Eyup YILMAZ. my grandfather who was born in 1910 in Aksehir, set up a small business in the Ulus district of Ankara in the early 1950s and made quite a name callled Master Eyüp for himself.

Indeed the world known him as the bicycle champion who represented Turkey in the Berlin olympiads of 1936 and then he put his sport life to one side and turned to artisan and craftman side. With his hardworking structure, honesty and ability, he became one of the the most esteemed craftman of Ankara. In the following years, my father Ahmet YILMAZ took the business over from my exhausted grandfather and expanded the business after finishing Ankara Academy of Economics and Adminstrative Sciences. He started the sale of spare parts required mostly with the repair works in cooling sector. He was elected as the Head of Ankara Chamber of the Manufacturers of Refrigerator and Air Conditioner in 1983 and he finished this job in 2010. He renamed the trade title called Yılmaz Soğutma as Yılmaz Soğutma Ltd. 1996 as a family corporation.

I jointed the corporation in 1993 when I started the Ankara University, Faculty of Agriculture. My desire was to introduce the most advanced technological improvements to Turkey regarding the cooling sector.  change was so important for me. With this faith, I, Onursal YILMAZ, as the third generation, started to enter in the Turkish market by importing some products from abroad. By joining of my brother Demirkan YILMAZ and opening our new brand in Istanbul we hope to enlarge our capacity on the market. 

Thus, we enlarged the work and human capacity of the corporation.

With the power of my dynamic soul and the moral and material support of my father, I believe we will gain top places in cooling sector.
I believe that the gain of work hug dearly by all of us the primarily the love. With the philosophy of love of human, love of nature, love of work, and love of life, I think that knowing breathing means reaching to bright future and overcoming the obstacles.
With the principle of "the day never ends if there is love.  I wish all of us a broad happiness and prosperous days.

Yılmaz Soğutma A. Ş.
Onursal YILMAZ