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Founded in 1980, the SEDES GROUP counts on the over THIRTY YEARS of know-how acquired in more than three decades in the field of electrical heating elements. The production of wound components, coils, transformers and electric heating elements, marks the beginning of the adventure.


1980 Sedes is founded in Oderzo.

1985 The construction of the first industrial factory is completed.

1989 The ultra-flat heating element line (etched-foil) is added to the product range.

1993 The company obtains the VDE certification.

1995 The new plant of appr. 500 sqm is inaugurated in Oderzo. The production of armoured heating elements in steel starts in the same year.

1996 Sedes obtains the ISO 9001 certification.

2001 The continuous willingness for commercial improvement and strengthening leads to the acquisition of ELBAC Brazil. The result is the new
brand Sedes ELBAC linked to the production of armoured heating elements and water, oil and gas powered heat exchangers.

2002 Expansion of the manufacturing plant in Brazil from 3000 to 5000 sqm.

2004 Sedes starts a new production line for cartridge heating elements (PTC).

2005 Sedes obtains the UL Mark, the symbol of safety, which is recognized throughout North America.

2006 Sedes is acknowledged the GOST-R certification.

2007 The production of flexible heating elements is started in Sao Paulo (Brazil).

2008 The growth of the group is constant: A second company is purchased in Brazil, in the state of Parana, which manufactures armoured heating elements.

2009 The constant power heating element is technologically innovated.

2010 The product range is expanded with the inclusion of the new product family: Heating Elements on Screw Plugs.

2012 Sedes produces energy with the sun!

2013 Sedes is awarded by receiving the GREEN BLUE ENERGY AWARD for investing in renewable energy sources and CO2 saving.