Product List

At a time when there is a headlong shift of production units to the east and an endemic crisis in western businesses, LAE electronic continues to be a benchmark in electronic temperature control.
Millions of refrigerators, cells, furnaces, incubators, air-conditioners, greenhouses, climatic chambers and many other pieces of equipment work perfectly because of the quality of our controllers.
Canada to Australia, Europe to Asia, the LAE brand is renowned for quality, innovation and reliability. Sources of strength and security for those who sell and use LAE products, evidenced by the solid partnerships formed with the major OEMs in the refrigeration, heating and air-conditioning industries.
All this has been made possible by the in-depth experience gained in the field and the acquired store of knowledge that covers application features and associated problems plus the ability to resolve them with brilliant results.
This represents our major asset and is what allows us to proudly export worldwide the fruits of our labours.

The driving force behind LAE electronics' progress has always been its research and development department.
R&D uses well-trained experts. Beyond their excellent university backgrounds, they have a well-developed knowledge of the functioning of the devices for which LAE instruments are destined.
The R&D engineers always use components from the world's top manufacturers with proven reliability that conform to international standards. This contributes to achieving optimal results in technological terms as well as extremely high safety levels.
The products undergo the strictest European standard tests, which guarantee that they comply with CE directives and, more importantly, that they work correctly even in the most extreme conditions.
Well in advance of the last date required by law, all LAE branded products manufactured as of January 2006 were already in conformity with RoHS (lead free) standards.

Rapid and timely deliveries, lower costs without jeopardising quality and minimising errors: these are the imperatives that drive our organisation to continuously improve our service.
Under the supervision of trained technicians, automatic pick and place machines and computerised testing systems ensure consistently high quality levels in production, while keeping costs competitive.
An efficient information technology system makes it possible to coordinate and optimise the overall management of orders, purchasing, stocking and deliveries.The result is speed in handling, a capacity to predict requests and the traceability of goods from our warehouse to that of the end customer.

Sales outlets in 60 countries, partnerships that date back many decades with the major OEMs worldwide, production volumes and markets that expand yearly. This is the positive record of our company at the peak of its sector.
Our primary objective, beyond acquiring new customers, is to satisfy our current partners.
This goal comes first and foremost in our sales service, which consists of a skilled, greatly experienced, multi-lingual team.
This team works as a sensitive point of contact between LAE and the market and promptly transmits valuable information about the state of demand to the company's other strategic sectors.
This contributes to keeping a high level of sensitivity to customers' changing needs and working methods, and ultimately to create increasingly solid relationships and synergies with OEMs and distributors.

In addition to its standard products, LAE electronic has always designed, developed and fabricated custom-made cards.
Our major asset is the capacity to provide expert, reliable advice for making controllers that fully satisfy customer expectations and requirements.
This has allowed us to establish working relations with world-renowned companies, which include:
AGA Foodgroup (refrigeration), Foster Refrigerator (refrigeration), Atlas Copco (air treatment), Ginis Ginidis (refrigeration), Cool Compact (refrigeration), Jordao Cooling Systems (commercial refrigeration), Criosbanc Carrier (commercial refrigeration), LEC refrigeration (medical refrigeration), Diktas (refrigeration), LTH (catering and commercial refrigeration), Dometic (refrigeration), Olitrem (refrigeration), EPTA group (commercial refrigeration), Splendid Olimpia (air-conditioning), Eurotec Dexion (refrigeration), Williams Refrigeration (refrigeration).

Training, seminars, and prestigious national and international trade-fairs are our preferred means to promote and inform the public about our constant innovations, which come from the knowledge and intuition of LAE electronic's R&D department.
LAE offers its customers and retailers free learning and training tools that are fast and easy to use, such as catalogues, CD-ROMs, animations and other documentation in different languages.
LAE electronic also promotes its image by sponsoring one of the teams participating in the world motorcycling championship 125cc class.